Mike & Renee: Pregnancy Announcement

By Tricia

Livermore Maternity Photographer

{As written August 2013} A year ago this ignited my passion for photography. It had long been a hobby of mine, but when my good friend Renee asked me to take a few photos for her I was flattered, and thought sure, why not? I started browsing Pinterest for ideas, we chatted about how she wanted to surprise the soon-to-be granparents with a card as the announcement. Pretty soon I was keeping myself up at night, jotting down ideas, trying out tricks for lighting, perspective, depth of field and getting to know my camera in a whole new way. I was hooked. Its hard to believe that was only a year ago.


And because people have asked- NO they do not make baby helmets!! That would kinda be awful. And no, they will not be putting their baby on their motorcycles. This tiny one is a display piece, but suited their style perfectly..



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