Sara & Ryan: Tahoe Engagement Photography

By Tricia

It was a freezing cold morning to grab some shots for Sara & Ryan’s save-the-date card,  but you’d never know it from the bright sparkle in Sara’s eyes! I’m loving these opportunities to practice behind the camera, and learning so much more with every shoot!

Tahoe engagment 1jpgTahoe engagment 2Tahoe engagment 3Tahoe engagment 4Tahoe engagment 5Tahoe engagment 6Tahoe engagment 8Tahoe engagment 7Tahoe engagment 10Tahoe engagment 11Tahoe engagment 9Tahoe engagment 12

Mike & Renee: Pregnancy Announcement

By Tricia

Livermore Maternity Photographer

{As written August 2013} A year ago this ignited my passion for photography. It had long been a hobby of mine, but when my good friend Renee asked me to take a few photos for her I was flattered, and thought sure, why not? I started browsing Pinterest for ideas, we chatted about how she wanted to surprise the soon-to-be granparents with a card as the announcement. Pretty soon I was keeping myself up at night, jotting down ideas, trying out tricks for lighting, perspective, depth of field and getting to know my camera in a whole new way. I was hooked. Its hard to believe that was only a year ago.


And because people have asked- NO they do not make baby helmets!! That would kinda be awful. And no, they will not be putting their baby on their motorcycles. This tiny one is a display piece, but suited their style perfectly..



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