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San Francisco Engagement Photography

By Tricia

I’ve known Lisa for a few years now, she’s incredibly outgoing, very thoughtful and always making everyone around her laugh, and she’s found the right guy to appreciate everything about her. I haven’t spent much time with Ryan, but after just one foggy afternoon around San Francisco, starting out in the bar where they had their first date, the corner of their first kiss and the neighborhood they fell in love, I can see how happy they are together, and just how right they are for each other. Congratulations you two!


Tara & Graham: Alameda Engagement Photography

By Tricia

I was so excited about the the industrial glam feel of raw and rusted steel, glass and machinery of the old Alameda navel base when Tara and Graham suggested the location for quick engagement shoot. They were so fun, easy and comfortable with each other, and I had a blast capturing them together.


Sara & Ryan: Tahoe Engagement Photography

By Tricia

It was a freezing cold morning to grab some shots for Sara & Ryan’s save-the-date card,  but you’d never know it from the bright sparkle in Sara’s eyes! I’m loving these opportunities to practice behind the camera, and learning so much more with every shoot!

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